2022 Captains Tournament for Vegas

Thursday, November 18, 2021

When: January 29, 2022

Where: Crow’s Nest

Cost: $150 per team

Time: Doors open at 8am, play will begin at 9am


Preregistration is required at granitestate.apaleagues.com

Maximum of 5 players allowed on roster

 Teams may choose any 3 of the 5 team members to participate in each match.

 The total of the skill levels of the 3 players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 15.

 Players must be from the same League area.

 Modified Single Elimination Format

 Alternate between 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks, starting with 8-Ball

Must be on an active Granite State roster with 2 sessions as captain

Must have 20 scores in last 2 years by date of tournament

100% Cash payout as travel assistance to winning team for August Vegas Event