9-Ball Tri-Cup and Best of Rest dates

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

***9-Ball Tri-Cup and Best of the Rest Dates!!!***
We are sorry for the delay with getting the dates for 9-Ball Tri-Cups and Best of the Rest but we have them!!
Typically we are able to do 2 brackets per day but with restrictions we have to split them over 2 days. For 9-Ball we will be using 2 different locations.
Saturday brackets will be held at Strokers in Pelham
Sunday brackets will be held at Crows Nest in Plaistow
Below are the dates!!!

9-Ball Tri-Cup weekend will be:
10-24-2020 @ Strokers
10-25-2020 @ Crows Nest

9-Ball Best of the Rest weekend will be:
11-21-2020 @ Strokers
11-22-2020 @ Crows Nest

**I will be reaching out to the captains once the brackets are done letting each team know which day and location they will be playing at. It will be up to the captain to make sure all of their players are aware!!